Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Mary C.


Mary was able to meet her personal and educational goals to break the cycle of poverty within her family. As a single mother of three children, she barely made ends meet as a district secretary. Upon completing of her bachelor’s degree, Mary doubled her salary when she progressed to the position of special programs coordinator. The confidence she gained by earning her degree has helped her create a professional pathway, which included earning her Master of Business Administration. This led her to become an executive director of a women’s intercultural organization. Mary has traveled extensively to Africa, China and throughout the United States. She transformed her non-profit from a grassroots effort to a successful international model. She is proud of her children, who are now in college. Mary nominated Nancy for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship to give Nancy the tools necessary for the success and confidence that Mary has experienced at University of Phoenix.

Nancy A.


Being a single mother of two young sons has not allowed Nancy time or extra resources to go back to school to earn a college degree. However, Nancy has managed to purchase a home and provide for her family. In addition, she sends care packages and cards to the military overseas. On a volunteer basis, Nancy teaches beginning computer skills to older adults, who do not know how to turn on a computer. Her goal is to earn her bachelor’s degree in Human Services so she can work for the Department of Defense, assisting soldiers and their families. The Paying it Forward Scholarship will provide the opportunity to achieve this dream.

Alumni Nominator and Recipient Profiles

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