Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Pola H.


Pola has nominated her husband, Greg, for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship. He stood by her side while she earned her Master of Business Administration. “It was Greg who believed that I could obtain an MBA when I did not believe in myself. Greg has always been my biggest supporter, always encouraging me to pursue my personal and professional goals,” she shares. With Greg’s support, Pola achieved her heart’s desire of earning a graduate degree. She is an example to her family, and her confidence has soared as a result of her education. “I consider it an honor, privilege and obligation to help another student achieve their goal of personal and professional success. I think we are all in this together as no one achieves neither personal nor professional success by themselves,” Pola explains.

Gregory H.

Recipient  - Houston, TX

Greg is thankful to receive the Paying it Forward Scholarship and wishes to earn his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. “Technology is one of the most dynamic, growing and exciting industries of which I so desperately want to be a contributing member,” he says. Greg will be the first in his family to achieve a college degree. He explains: “Numerous factors in my younger days prevented me from pursuing this dream. Now I am determined more than ever to accomplish this goal. I know that I can succeed in this endeavor.” Education wouldn’t be Greg’s first success. He has fostered 125 children, some with special medical needs. He has given so much to others in his life that this scholarship gives him an opportunity he might not otherwise have. “My greatest desire is to receive a bachelor’s degree followed by an MBA from University of Phoenix. At this point in my life, I cannot afford to pay for college, but with the help of this scholarship, it will give me the chance to achieve my dream,” he says.

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