Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Aaron Knowles

Alumnus - Ventura, California

In 2003 Aaron knew University of Phoenix was his institution of life-long learning when he watched a television broadcast interview of Dr. Sperling, our founder. He was drawn to the University’s dedication to empowering working students and its institutional presence and community on U.S. Military Installations. Aaron was interested in personnel evaluations so he chose a management degree and completed his program while stationed in Korea. Aaron is now a student in the School of Advanced Studies where he is a practitioner of knowledge and community builder. Felicia is Aaron’s professional mentor and he would like to pay forward his education to her.

Felicia Rodriguez

Recipient - Ventura, California

Felicia has been a senior contract specialist for 22 years. She is Aaron’s mentor and he credits Felicia with his development over the past year at the Naval Base in Ventura County. She is an endless resource of knowledge full of encouragement and dedication to see her mentees succeed. Felicia is an educator. Yet despite her experience and proven track record, upward mobility is impossible without a college degree. She waited to pursue her education in order to first fulfill her responsibilities to her family. Now Felicia is at a point in her life where she can return to her own educational pursuits. This scholarship will kick-start the degree program she is more than ready to take on.

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