Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Asha Mckee

Alumna - Belton, Texas

Asha brings a global perspective to her educational and professional life. Asha immigrated to the U.S. carrying an MA in Linguistics but it did little good in the job market here. She had to work for five years to meet her financial responsibilities before she started her master’s in adult education. The online format gave her the flexibility to work and raise her family. She didn’t want to be away from her two young children longer than she had to. She was able to learn on her schedule online.

Asha now works as an instructor in adult basic education. She is a proud alumnus and encourages her students to continue their education at University of Phoenix. They too face extenuating circumstances that make it hard to attend school on campus. Asha is thankful to University of Phoenix for allowing her to complete her degree and wants to pay forward her education to her sister.

Anusha Ramkissoon-Forte

Recipient - Denton, Texas

Higher education was always one of Anusha's goals, but she was never able to complete it because of the cost and limited financial options available to her, as well as the demands of work and family. As a scholarship recipient, she will be able to attain the bachelor's degree that will allow her to seek out professional opportunities and move ahead in her corporate career. It will also open the door for her to attain a graduate degree which has long been one of her personal ambitions.

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