Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Ivy N. Carter, MBA

Alumna - Irving, Texas

When Ivy started her MBA program in 2006, she was living in her brother’s spare bedroom, making $9.10/hour, and raising two boys. She had to make a change in her life and she knew continuing her education was her best option for long-term success. She quickly advanced from a service gate agent for an airline to the Internal Auditor for the Atlanta, Georgia airport. Now she is a successful consultant to other aspiring business professionals.

Ivy is a full-time professional writer, writing for such publications as Small Business section, North Dallas Gazette newspaper, and several other online and in-print magazines and publications. She is also a contributing writer to the Phoenix Focus and a proud UoPX alumna. Best of all, her sons tell their friends their mom is “super smart.” She wants to pay forward her education to her best friend Analiea.

Analiea Baisden

Recipient - College Park, Georgia

Analiea is as in love with learning as her best friend Ivy. Out of high school she earned a scholarship for college but during her junior year, her college faced unforeseen financial difficulties and she lost her scholarship. She was forced to drop out of school. Analiea moved back to her hometown hoping to save enough money to continue her education, but marriage and two kids later, her priorities shifted.

University of Phoenix’s online program will give Analiea the flexibility to finally complete her degree. Her primary motivators are motherhood, the desire to make her mother and family proud, her community, and to finish what she started. She is thankful for the many blessings she has received.

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