Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Lisa Fennessey

Alumna - Peyton, Colorado

Lisa chose University of Phoenix because like many students she needed the flexibility and real-world course work. She transferred from a healthcare management degree at another university to a human services/management program at University of Phoenix because it broadened her career options. While raising a family Lisa never thought going to school was possible. Now at the age of 46 she is going after her master’s in school counseling. She wants to help children realize their goals and dreams by being the supportive force that shows them how to get there. Lisa wants to pay forward her education to Jodi, her good friend and coworker. They both have dreams for the future and know education will get them there.

Jodi McFarland

Recipient - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jodi works as an RN. She is also a wife and mother – always supportive of her husband’s Air Force career and the needs of her children. Completing her BSN never was a top priority but always a wish in her heart. In 2008 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a craniotomy in January 2009. She was suddenly faced with a life-threatening condition which changed her outlook on life. She realized there were things in life she wished she had completed, like her degree, and feared leaving her husband and children if she passed on. Jodi is now healthy and recovered from her brain surgery. She is thankful for her second chance at life and wants to make the most of it. Completing her degree will help fill her life’s bucket list and help her advance in her career.

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