Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Sherri Scott

Alumna - Silver Spring, Maryland

Sherri Scott is forever grateful to the faith of her father and the University in believing she could earn her degree. She was always an average student and never “excelled” in high school or college. She had to work really hard for her grades as school did not come naturally to her. She always thought about pursuing an advanced degree but did not feel she was smart enough. However, her dad believed that she could do anything she set her mind to because he knew how persistent she was and how she hated to fail.

Her dad died in 2000 and she decided to earn the advanced degree she so coveted and honor his memory with her accomplishment. She chose University of Phoenix and an MBA with a concentration in global management. In 2006 she was offered a position as a site manager for a federal contractor. She had to leave her comfort area and dive into a new career and focus area, but trust in her education and herself that she could do it. She wants to repay her father and University of Phoenix for believing she could do it all along, even though she wasn’t positive herself.

Melissa Hix

Recipient - Butler, Kentucky

Missy has had a very hard life. At 21 years old she stands tall and has overcome a chaotic and unstable childhood. She grew up in rural Kentucky and at age 10 her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Missy’s mother abandoned her family and from then on Missy moved from caregiver to caregiver. At age 14 Missy became her father’s full-time caretaker. In 2003 her father died and she moved in with a cousin who used drugs and abused her. She ended up living with a classmate and graduated from high school. Her family never talked about college and living day-to-day didn’t give her much room to think about her future. Now she understands going to college will give her opportunities she could have never dreamed of with just a high school diploma. She wants to earn her degree in accounting/business administration and work for the IRS where she is currently a seasonal employee.

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