Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Susan McClung

Alumna - Frisco, Texas

Susan is a great example of a person that can do it all. She got pregnant at 18 and had to drop out of school. Susan faced a lot of naysayers who said she’d never finish college and to not even try, but that didn’t stop her. She not only raised two children as a single mom, she is the Chief Operating Officer at her organization, and she’s earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She researched the University of Phoenix and found a program that fit her needs.

Susan is now in a career position she never dreamed was possible without a degree. She works in the non-profit sector in service to her community for a company with a mission to save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation. University of Phoenix has helped her make giant strides in her life and prove you can do anything you set your mind to.

Esther Mateen

Recipient - Richardson, Texas

Esther’s dream is to work for a non-profit organization dedicated to the homeless. She believes she is qualified for a management position but she’s never finished her bachelor’s degree so she hasn’t been given the chance to prove herself. Esther also suffers from Lupus, but she has to be the primary breadwinner for her family because her husband has an adult form of muscular dystrophy. She has also put two sons through college. Susan wants to pay forward a scholarship to Esther because she is witness everyday to Esther’s “I can” attitude and selfless dedication to her family’s needs. Esther perseveres through her illness and she’ll persevere through her degree program, and a master’s.

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