Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

David C.


David met his nominee, Kara, at his office. Kara’s company provides contract work, and David and Kara began talking about college. David learned that Kara’s company does not offer tuition assistance and thought she would be the perfect candidate for a Paying it Forward® Scholarship. “Kara fully understands the value of a college degree. She sees firsthand what possessing a degree means in the workplace,” David explains. He too found the value in higher education and was the first in his family to earn a college degree. “My road to earning a degree had many bumps and detours but proves that regardless of age or situation, earning a degree is possible,” he says. Outside the office, David mentors young people about the value of a college degree. “Actions speak louder than words, and this will be an opportunity to let my action of recommending someone speak for itself.”

Kara M.

Recipient - Colorado Springs, CO

Kara’s motivation is to be better. “I have realized what I have to do to set myself apart from the hardships of the women in my family,” she says. Kara graduated high school as a teen mother, worked two jobs and raised a family. Now Kara manages a cleaning crew and loves guiding her crew to the best of their abilities. With the Paying it Forward Scholarship, Kara will earn her degree in Psychology. She enjoys helping people and providing support, as well as listening. She also wants to set a good example for her three children. “I believe one of the best actions I can do is to set a good example, reinforce how education is of utmost importance. Reaching for dreams and accomplishing goals is possible, and hard work pays off.” Kara plans to continue her education with a doctorate.

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