Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Pamela R.


“Attending University of Phoenix was essential to helping me reach my personal and professional goals,” shares Pamela. She earned her Master of Arts in Education degree and is now researching doctoral programs. “It was great to learn from the experiences and expertise of others who were in the same career field as me,” she says. Pamela also benefited from her instructors who were practitioners in their fields. “They not only instructed us using the course-assigned curriculum, but they also embedded actual experiences to assist us with implementing what we learned to problem-solve actual situations.” Pamela would like to pay forward the quality education she received to Jeni, the health paraprofessional at her school. “Hiring compassionate, energetic staff members who understand the educational process and the importance of change is challenging, yet that is what we are fortunate enough to have found in Jeni McCullough,” Pamela says.

Jeni M.

Recipient – Colorado Springs, CO

“Receiving this scholarship will allow me to chart a new course in my life and open the doors for me to complete a degree in elementary education,” shares Jeni. As a young high school student, she was adept at balancing a challenging course load and an active social life. She used those skills as she pursued college courses, raised a family and supported her husband’s military duties. The Paying it Forward® Scholarship will now allow Jeni to finish her education and become an elementary school teacher. “I have faced a great deal in my life, and I have the love and support of a wonderful family. But more importantly, the lessons that I have learned in life have prepared me well for the next chapter,” she adds. “As the health care provider for a low-income school, I see the positive impact teachers make in the lives of children every day. My goal is to use this scholarship to attain an elementary teaching degree and work with the hopes and dreams of our future.”

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