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Carleigh H.

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration/Health Management

Louisville, KY

Scholarship: Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation


What are your educational and professional goals? How will your scholarship help you accomplish those goals?

I plan on finishing up my degree by early 2015. After I fulfill my lifelong dream to travel throughout Europe, I’ll search out my perfect career. My scholarship will allow me to obtain this goal because without it, I could not afford to pay any out-of-pocket funds to the University to complete my degree.

How did you find the scholarship you received? What steps did you take?

My younger brother is a Marine, and he found out about it while he was still on active duty. Luckily, our father was a Marine, so we were both eligible to receive the scholarship as long as we met the requirements. I applied for the scholarship by submitting several short essays, my father’s DD214 (honorable discharge papers), and financial information (last year’s tax forms).

What is your advice to other students who are looking for scholarships?

My advice would be to search all scholarship opportunities by singling out ones that specifically apply to you first. There are multiple websites that allow the student to narrow the search criteria. I was lucky to not have to search for this scholarship as it was passed on to me from a sibling.

What is your favorite part about attending University of Phoenix?

My favorite part of attending University of Phoenix would be the easy access to online learning. I had never taken online classes before and was nervous at first. Once I got into the swing of things, I came to find that it is a very user-friendly system. I really enjoy it.

Visit phoenix.edu/scholarships to learn more about scholarships.