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Desiree D.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Database Management
Anticipated Graduation Date:
July 2012
Baltimore, MD

Desiree has wanted to be a college graduate all of her life. In primary and secondary school she was an example student, taking honors classes and excelling in athletics. When she was accepted to college in 2003, she started out a little bit shaky but persevered through her sophomore year. She quickly learned that the collegiate environment was very different from her home environment.

During the summer of her sophomore year, Desiree needed to help her family through some stressful situations. She was the rock the family could lean on. But soon the pressure to hold up her family and personal life became so great that Desiree decided to move back home and attend a local university. Desiree tried to make it work but she couldn’t focus on both taking care of her family and attending school. She needed a mental and emotional break.

Desiree has been living on her own and working full time for three years but she wants more for her life. She is ready to go back to school. “I am the type of person that when I have mastered a skill or a study, I need to continue learning or my mind will go to waste. A degree will allow me a chance at a promotion, and help me get to the point where I can help others. I want other people to realize their talents and go for their goals. Having my degree will be an example to them that despite what you face in life, you can pick yourself up and keep going if you just try.”

Desiree will be majoring in IT/Database Management. She likes working with computers and says, “Technology has changed so much of how the world runs and I want to be apart of that experience. This degree will allow me to gain a position where I truly am making a difference.”

The best part of attending University of Phoenix is the flexibility for Desiree to continue to take care of her loved ones and focus on school. “The environment is supportive because there are working adults with families, who truly understand the value of an education.”

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