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Dharma S.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Anticipated Graduation Date:
Pahoa, HI

Dharma started working on his degree when he was a senior in high school but life threw some wrenches in his path. He faced his father’s death and then he and his siblings lost their home in the financial crisis. Despite these challenges, he kept his goals in sight and good mentors on his side. He knows that while life can be tough, it can be worse, and this is what keeps him going, “In my life, a lot of inspiration has came from observing people who were in a lesser position or lower class overcome the difficulties that society has placed in their path. Completing my degree was one of my goals since childhood and it will open doors to more education.”

With so much dedication and maturity, it is easy to forget that Dharma is still a young adult. The online learning platform helps him keep on top of his studies without giving up on his passions—career and travel. He says, “I have noticed the workload can be heavy at times, but as long as you utilize good time management skills (which they teach you) you will find it is not that hard to keep up with assignments.”

Dharma wants to use his degree to “take part in a revolutionized healing/health care system that goes beyond healing in just the western forms of treatment, but utilizes eastern medicine, fitness, massage, and a lively/silent life style.” In expanding his knowledge around health administration he will gain a greater understanding of the world of western health care. And also whether he wants to pursue a master’s in psychology or a master’s in health administration. His possibilities are limitless.

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