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Karizza A.

Gloria B.

Bachelor of Science in Education/Elementary Teacher Education

Mesa, AZ

Scholarship: Linda Lael Miller Scholarship for Women

Why do you want to become a Phoenix? What does being a Phoenix mean to you?

I want to get my degree to become a teacher. I chose University of Phoenix because of the flexibility. In addition, it has a local presence and a good reputation. I tried other online schools. Those didn't work so well for me. I have met with success here at the University. All of my advisors are always there for me. I definitely have had many questions for them along the way since I haven't been on a school campus for over 20 years!

How did you find the scholarship you received? What steps did you take?

I saw a message on the top of my login page when I went to my online classroom. I have read books by Linda Lael Miller, so I know who she is. I clicked the link to the scholarship. After deciding that I did meet the qualifications, I filled out the entry forms. I then proceeded to forget about it. I don't have good luck and didn't want to get my hopes up. I thought about the scholarship once or twice after that, but decided I probably didn't win since I hadn't heard from the provider. I dismissed any thoughts about it. I was sincerely surprised when I got the letter informing me that I won a scholarship after all!

Why did you apply for a scholarship?

While I have loans and grants, I still have a few expenses for classes that come out of my pocket. I'm a single mom. I work full time, but it doesn't leave much room for extras. It always places a hardship on the budget when I need to spend $100 or more on a book for a class. More than once, I have had to postpone a class because I couldn't afford the book. I thought a scholarship would help with those out-of-pocket types of expenses.

What skills did you develop while attending University of Phoenix?

The biggest change for me is college-level writing. The style is different. My previous experience in writing did not prepare me. At first, I found it difficult to write in active voice. I still do. However, University of Phoenix provides a great tool called WritePoint® automated review system that I use on every paper. It helps guide my writing. At first, the feedback came back all blue (suggested editing). Each time, I improve. There is less blue, and it is easier making the suggested corrections.

Visit phoenix.edu/scholarships to learn more about scholarship opportunities of your own.