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Lisa J.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Information Systems
Anticipated Graduation Date:
August 2012
Shelbyville, IN

In 2006 Lisa was attending a prestigious nursing college earning a 4.0 GPA. She was a member of the Dean’s List and Phi Theta Kappa. Lisa was also nominated to serve in the 2007 International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Nursing and travel to South Africa. Her career was moving forward successfully except for one thing: Lisa was plagued with migraines and memory problems. Midway through her first semester she learned she had a brain tumor, “In October 2006 I had seen my family physician complaining of the sensation that there was a stick at the back of my head that was being twisted in such a way to make the muscles in my head, forehead and neck feel as if they were being pulled extremely tightly.” Lisa underwent brain surgery in January 2007, followed by six months of radiation till her benign ependymoma, stage II was gone. Lisa recovered beautifully but she now faces some balance issues, altered eyesight and memory issues. Despite these challenges, she is determined to finish her degree.

Through the Focus on the Finish scholarship, Lisa will be completing her BS in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Information Systems. In the future she would like to earn her master’s and teach anatomy, physiology or any health-related science. She says, “I would like to inspire others with the same passion, amazement and excitement that I feel about the abilities of the human body.” She also wants to inspire her children. Lisa is a single mother of two and believes working hard to complete her degree will enforce the importance of education in her children’s lives. Lisa attends class online and is very thankful for the support from her instructors and staff, “The academic staff members at University of Phoenix are very helpful and attentive so it feels as if my success is their success also.” Lisa will be graduating in 2012.

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