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Robert O.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management
Phoenix, AZ

Robert’s goal in earning his MBA is to run a division for the corporation he works for or start his own business. During the dot.com era, Robert was a COO and VP of Sales but he has always aspired to run his own company or a branch of a major corporation. In order to advance at his current company he needs to earn an advanced degree. He met with his superior and they developed a path for his education, “I requested time with the Vice President of Strategy to determine the best course for my education. As a result of that meeting we decided the best path for my career is an MBA in Global Management.”

This accomplished Gulf War veteran also has three other motivations for completing his degree—his three children. He says, “I wish to set a good example for them. The statistic is that your children will complete one degree more than their parents complete and I wish to set the bar high for them so they excel in their professions.” He would be unable to save for their education without this scholarship to help him complete his own. Robert is no stranger to the financial challenges associated with completing a degree—it took him 13 years to be able to pay for and finish his bachelor’s.

Robert credits his success in the program and at work to the virtual learning environment and the 9-Step Problem Solving Approach. “I use the steps in my professional life and have found them amazing tools for studying a problem and learning how to apply solutions without putting company resources at risk.” He also learns a great deal from the other professional students in his classes. Robert is able to network with his fellow students and learn real-world, applicable information from his instructors. “I am now at a loss without these valuable resources in my day-to-day professional life.”

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