Tuition GuaranteeYour new Tuition Guarantee

Keep the same tuition until you graduate from your degree program, even if it takes longer than you planned. That’s our promise. No matter what surprises life brings, you can count on us.



Next session begins MAY 1.
Some program start times may vary.

Tuition Guarantee FAQ

By lowering rates and locking in tuition with the University of Phoenix Tuition Guarantee, we’ve made your tuition plan predictable and simple to understand. Now you can lock in your tuition at one price from start to finish of your program.

Yes! Our locked-in Tuition Guarantee applies no matter how you choose to learn.

All students are eligible and will receive this locked-in tuition until they graduate from their program.

  • Absolutely nothing. There are zero eligibility requirements.
  • If you’re a current student on an existing scholarship or tuition agreement, it is also available to you but you may decide your current offer meets your needs. Please call our finance team to discuss your options.

Yes! Life happens. We get it. Remember, your tuition is locked in until you graduate from your program.

Yes! Once you transfer eligible prior credits, your tuition will be locked-in for any remaining credits until you graduate from your program.

As a military student, you currently enjoy a special, lower rate for active duty personnel. However, should you move out of active duty status, you can transition to our guarantee program.

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Introducing your new Tuition Guarantee

Making it across the finish line takes sheer commitment and perseverance. So here’s one small gesture we hope can help you achieve your dream of earning a degree.

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