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AT&T depends on us to educate its employees

So do Adobe, Oracle and MGM Resorts, just to name a few.

Our Workforce Solutions education partnerships with these companies and many others deliver education and professional development targeted to their specific industries. This means employees acquire degrees, as well as the tools they need to do their jobs, advance within their organizations and conquer challenges related to their businesses.

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Education shaped to meet the challenges you face

According to 2011 surveys conducted in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago, employers identified hiring, training and retaining employees as their biggest workforce concerns. Evolving technologies, uncertain markets and retiring employees will likely make these issues even more complex. Organizations like yours can overcome these obstacles by encouraging employees to further their education, which helps increase retention and attracts new hires to fill positions that are needed today and in the future.

The University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions team has partnered with businesses in diverse industries, such as manufacturing, health care, technology and more, to provide the personnel development needed to take employees to a higher level.

Partnerships and benefits that create long-term solutions

University of Phoenix also collaborates with national industry associations to align our curriculum with competency standards of the respective fields. Our Education Partners can request that we shape assignments to real situations students encounter in their work environments to help apply learning to jobs.


Learn how our education partnership with EMSC provides them with a competitive advantage.

Hitachi Data Systems

Discover how our degree programs have benefited Hitachi Data Systems' workforce, enabling employees to see the big picture.

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts International executives explain how University of Phoenix helps them develop a better workforce.

Work Force Solutions – Closing the Skills Gap

Music up and then under as we hear Jim Eickhoff’s voice.

Jim Eickhoff:

One of the national headlines that we see is this whole idea of we've got to get America back to work, but right on the heels of that comment is, "We have a skills gap."  The question is what do we do?


Soon the gap between what-employers-need and what the work force has to offer will be at crisis level.  Nearly half of the companies in the United States are looking for key people and the majority of those companies are already dealing with a skills gap. This is not an issue of diplomas and degrees. Today’s workforce needs specialized employees with key competencies and skills that bring tangible benefits to the company. With quality customer service, the Workforce Solutions team works with your leadership to map out competencies unique to your company and tap into an array of solutions and resources only available from the world’s largest private University. A leader in education innovation, the University of Phoenix along with the Workforce Solutions Team has adjusted our delivery and curriculum to bring higher education to the workplace by custom designing solution-focused, cutting edge programs.

Jim Eickhoff:

We are dedicated to keeping at the cutting edge of today's technology in the delivery of our curriculum and experiences for those that are attending the University of Phoenix.

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Interviewee: [00:00:00] At EMSC, we realize that it’s critical that we have a knowledgeable and well-educated workforce, and the University of Phoenix educational partnership provides that win-win solution for us.  It provides our employees with the education that they need and the workforce is then able to attain the business tools critical for our success. [00:00:16]

Interviewee: [00:00:17] Our organization is committed to educating the workforce in many ways.  We see what the changes in healthcare are coming.  We really have to have a workforce that has the skill level, has the ability to adapt and innovate with all of these changes. [00:00:31]

Interviewee: [00:00:32] We’re patient focused, obviously.  Our patients—that’s why we do it, you know.  It has to be the best, and that’s where the education has to be paramount as far as clinical excellence, as far as our leaders making decisions on research and development.  All those things require a highly-educated workforce. [00:00:48]

Interviewee: [00:00:48] None of us know where healthcare reform is going to take us.  But with the degree program, we believe it provides the knowledge and the skills necessary for us to be able to adapt to change. [00:00:58]

Interviewee: [00:00:59] As public safety changes, as curriculum changes and as we’re involved with University of Phoenix, it allows us to really drive that change and the education out to very broad group that we could never do on our own.  Every patient that we touch, if we’ve been able to educate the paramedics, have the best clinical care and have the best educated workforce.  This is something that’s much better for that patient when they need us in a time of crisis. [00:01:21]

Interviewee: [00:01:22] University of Phoenix works collaboratively with a number of subject-matter experts throughout our organization to make sure that they completely understood the industry and then develop curriculum that would help us build that [inaudible 01:33] and it was done over the course of a couple of years and has had great success. [00:01:38]

Interviewee: [00:01:38] The University of Phoenix curriculum starts at the basic level of EMS management and really takes the students through a comprehensive learning process.  So when they come out, they understand the nuances, they understand the complexity of this part of healthcare. [00:01:54]

Interviewee: [00:01:54] University of Phoenix has been instrumental in helping our employees through tuition reduction programs no matter what they want to do.  If they stay in the healthcare industry, that’s great.  But being as large as we are—18,000 caregivers, 40 states of operation—we have to have people in all levels of the organization; master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, even associate’s degrees.  We have to have the best people in all those areas, and the University of Phoenix, with the flexible scheduling that they have, with the variety of degrees that they offer is an option for employees to continue to work and also go to school. [00:02:27]

Interviewee: [00:02:27] We’re very excited about the collaborative educational partnership we have with the University of Phoenix.  We’re going to have people that receive an education through this partnership and are able to drive the industry, not only our organization, but the industry as a whole to new levels of performance. [00:02:44]

Interviewee: [00:02:45] We obviously want to have the highest-quality workforce and the best employees and the best educated because that provides the best customer service, best knowledge on what they’re doing and the skill set we really look for. [00:02:53]

[End of Video]

MGM Resorts

Female: [00:00:00] We’re a 24/7 environment. [00:00:02]

Female: [00:00:02] We have 62,000 employees.  We provide great training programs for our frontline employees all the way up through our most senior, high-performing leaders. [00:00:11]

Male: [00:00:11] With so many properties and so many different business units, there truly is an opportunity for everyone to continue to develop. [00:00:18]

Female: [00:00:18] I think an educated workforce makes us more agile and flexible.  So the more that our employees and our leaders know about how to solve problems and different experiences that they can bring into their day-to-day jobs and their experiences with our guests, the more flexible we are to adjust day to day to business needs. [00:00:37]

Male: [00:00:37] This is a dynamic industry.  What we were doing a year ago is not what we’re doing today and probably won’t be doing a few years from now. [00:00:44]

Female: [00:00:45] University of Phoenix offers several different programs, whether they be bachelors’ or masters’ degrees that are in strategic alignment with our company philosophy and our strategic goals. [00:00:57]

Male: [00:00:57] One of the great advantages we see in our employees pursing University of Phoenix coursework is it’s very topical.  It’s the leading fingers of today.  It’s what’s working now, and what the prevailing ideas are or what may work best in the future. [00:01:11]

Female: [1:03] When you're getting a degree, you learn so much more beyond your day to day tasks in your job, that it helps you to be more flexible and more agile, and a better problem solver.

Female: [00:01:11] Programs at University of Phoenix compliment the curriculum that we already have in place at MGM Resorts University, so it just enhances that experience for all employees.  It also helps with sustaining and retaining our employees, as well as building new talent into the organization.  We see this as a premiere benefit for the organization. [00:01:31]

Male: [1:16] We're also very lucky to be able to send our employees to our own MGM Resorts University, where they are able to pursue courses in developing their management development skills, whether it's through our online courses or through some of our great academic partners like University of Phoenix.

Male: [00:01:32] The partnership with the University of Phoenix allows, as employees, to find opportunities to pursue their coursework on their own time, on a schedule that’s most convenient to them whether that’s through online classes or through the flexible scheduling. [00:01:45]

Female: [00:01:45] University of Phoenix allowed me the opportunity to gain confidence in myself and be able to accomplish goals and projects and become a better employee for our organization. [00:01:57]

Male: [00:01:58] If I learn something during a project at University of Phoenix, I could bring it into work and use the management style, or the delegation tool or whatever the case may be directly here at work. [00:02:10]

Female: [00:02:11] I’m really passionate about our educational partnership with the University of Phoenix.  It is really driving MGM Resorts International to being a leading, learning organization. [00:02:21]

Female: [00:02:22] The educational partnership we have at the University of Phoenix is absolutely strategically aligned with our people philosophy investing in employees, but also our philosophy to expand and to grow the company. [00:02:35]

Female: [00:02:35] We truly believe that an educated workforce helps us deliver that very, very best guest experience which is what our business is all about. [00:02:42]

[End of Audio]            

In addition, a Workforce Solutions educational partnership can deliver these benefits:

Direct bill – We can streamline and customize your employee tuition assistance process.

Dedicated support – Students are assigned a three-person Graduation Team to advise them throughout their college experiences; our Workforce Solutions team helps you manage and analyze the results of our educational partnership.

Tailored communications – We’ll help you promote the benefits of education to your employees with emails, fliers and your own company’s education landing page.

Comprehensive reporting – To manage tuition assistance investment, we can provide you with FERPA-compliant reports on your employees’ academic progress.

Corporate articulation – Your employees’ past corporate learning may apply to college credit, which could reduce your investment in their degree programs.

Professional development – Individual workshops, seminars and courses can help employees develop needed skills without the commitment of a degree program.

Help your employees excel at their jobs and provide solutions to the challenges you face today and tomorrow. A Workforce Solutions advisor can help you build a highly skilled and knowledgeable
workforce today.

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