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AT&T depends on us to educate its employees

So do Adobe, Oracle and MGM Resorts, just to name a few.

Our Workforce Solutions education partnerships with these companies and many others deliver education and professional development targeted to their specific industries. This means employees acquire degrees, as well as the tools they need to do their jobs, advance within their organizations and conquer challenges related to their businesses.

Our Workforce Solutions advisors are ready to speak with you about the education of your employees. How can we help you?

Education shaped to meet the challenges you face

According to 2011 surveys conducted in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago, employers identified hiring, training and retaining employees as their biggest workforce concerns. Evolving technologies, uncertain markets and retiring employees will likely make these issues even more complex. Organizations like yours can overcome these obstacles by encouraging employees to further their education, which helps increase retention and attracts new hires to fill positions that are needed today and in the future.

The University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions team has partnered with businesses in diverse industries, such as manufacturing, health care, technology and more, to provide the personnel development needed to take employees to a higher level.

Partnerships and benefits that create long-term solutions

University of Phoenix also collaborates with national industry associations to align our curriculum with competency standards of the respective fields. Our Education Partners can request that we shape assignments to real situations students encounter in their work environments to help apply learning to jobs.


Learn how our education partnership with EMSC provides them with a competitive advantage.

Hitachi Data Systems

Discover how our degree programs have benefited Hitachi Data Systems' workforce, enabling employees to see the big picture.

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts International executives explain how University of Phoenix helps them develop a better workforce.

In addition, a Workforce Solutions educational partnership can deliver these benefits:

Direct bill – We can streamline and customize your employee tuition assistance process.

Dedicated support – Students are assigned a three-person Graduation Team to advise them throughout their college experiences; our Workforce Solutions team helps you manage and analyze the results of our educational partnership.

Tailored communications – We’ll help you promote the benefits of education to your employees with emails, fliers and your own company’s education landing page.

Comprehensive reporting – To manage tuition assistance investment, we can provide you with FERPA-compliant reports on your employees’ academic progress.

Corporate articulation – Your employees’ past corporate learning may apply to college credit, which could reduce your investment in their degree programs.

Professional development – Individual workshops, seminars and courses can help employees develop needed skills without the commitment of a degree program.

Help your employees excel at their jobs and provide solutions to the challenges you face today and tomorrow. A Workforce Solutions advisor can help you build a highly skilled and knowledgeable
workforce today.

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Corporate Education Solutions

An educational partnership with University of Phoenix can help your company meet its corporate and industry learning objectives.

Current Education Partners

Current Education Partners

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Phoenix Focus

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