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Chief Learning Officer magazine has honored University of Phoenix with the 2013 Silver Excellence in Academic Partnerships, 2012 Silver Excellence in Community Service and 2011 Bronze Excellence in Academic Partnerships Awards.

The University’s mission is to improve access to higher education. By working to remove educational barriers facing children who are at high risk to drop out, and by collaborating with Education Partners to help them develop leaders within their organizations, we are delivering on our promise.


The Silver Excellence in Academic Partnerships Award was presented to University of Phoenix for its partnership with Best Western, which provided access to higher education for Best Western team members without disrupting their ability to operate its hotels. 


The Silver Excellence in Community Service Award was presented to University of Phoenix for its partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We donated $2.3 million to “Be Great: Graduate,” and we provide volunteers to mentor and educate students who are most at risk to drop out of school.

University of Phoenix also received a Learning in Practice Certificate of Merit for our education partnership with MGM Resorts.


Chief Learning Officer magazine recognized University of Phoenix for our collaborative work with Emergency Medical Services Corp. (EMSC). Our partnership with EMSC is a prime example of how we work closely with our Education Partners to create industry-aligned education solutions that help develop the next generation of leaders.

An education partnership with University of Phoenix can help your company. We offer tailored solutions aligned with industry objectives, tuition assistance and more. Call 800.433.3180 (8 am – 5 pm MST) and speak to an advisor about an education partnership today.

The use of the phrase education partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

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Tailored learning solutions recognized

See how our collaboration with Emergency Medical Services Corp. (EMSC) resulted in the University being awarded the 2011 Learning in Practice Bronze Award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships from Chief Learning Officer magazine.

[00:00:06] I’m Beth Patton.  I’m the Associate Dean for the College of Natural Sciences, and I’m responsible for the Health Administration degree programs. [00:00:12]

[00:00:14] The University of Phoenix received the CLO Award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships. [00:00:20]

[00:00:20] University of Phoenix educational partnership with the Emergency Medical Services, I believe is the first of the kind in the industry and is really a selling point for us as we recruit talent to join our organization. [00:00:31]

[00:00:32] They provided us with a very high-level overview of content that we needed across the courses.  And then as we developed each individual course, they became a partner in reviewing and giving us feedback. [00:00:44]

[00:00:44] The development of the curriculum we put together a fairly comprehensive cross-functional team of leaders from within our organization AMR and EMSC and University of Phoenix educators.  And what we did was really dissect the different pieces of what encompasses EMS management. [00:01:02]

[00:01:03] Winning the award was very exciting.  It was great to know that it was recognized not only by those within the University of Phoenix, but also from industry leaders across the United States as well. [00:01:15]

[00:01:15] As an alum of the University of Phoenix, I’m very proud to be associated with this project and all of the people that were involved in it. [00:01:22]

[00:01:22] What I’m really excited about is taking it beyond just AMR and EMSC to other EMS organizations across the United States.   We’re showing the industry the importance of education, and we’re putting together the curriculum that gives the students the real-world experience.  So when they graduate, whether they come to work for AMR or they go to work for a competitor, they’re still better prepared to serve the communities and to drive EMS forward. [00:01:49]

[00:01:49] Working with EMSC was a great opportunity because by having that educational partner we were able to take a look at what the employer needed; but also from you know taking a look at what the students need and making sure that they had the best curriculum possible. [00:02:06]

[00:02:07] Employees really get the benefit of having that industry input, because then it means the curriculum that they’re getting is really what industry is looking for. [00:02:18]

[00:02:19] I’m Beth Patton.  I’m an associate dean committed to the quality of education and I am a Phoenix. [00:02:25]