Cohort Learning Solutions

Building trust, communication, confidence and knowledge among your employees is a critical factor in team success. You can proactively lead these efforts and help your employees hone in on the skills every high-functioning team needs to succeed through our Cohort Learning Solutions.

Work as a team. Learn as a team.

Tailored to approximately 15-25 students per course, a cohort allows your employees to attend University of Phoenix together. A cohort empowers your employees to develop knowledge and skills progressively and simultaneously throughout their coursework, helping them achieve more personally and professionally.

Your organization can choose to bring the cohort classroom directly to your workplace at an approved site, or have your employees attend together at a local campus, or online across multiple locations. Cohort Learning Solutions allow your organization to:

Align employee education to your business goals.
Class discussions and group projects are likely to be enhanced to include specific challenges your company may be facing. What your employees learn in class may then be directly applied on the job within your organization.

Strengthen communication.
The University of Phoenix Learning Team model replicates the work environment and focuses on the intricacies of communication, strengthening employees’ ability as a team, and as individuals, to effectively work together on problem-solving strategies and shared goals. Students also have access to a learning team toolkit dedicated to teaching success in small group environments.

Maximize the return on your educational investment.
Cohort learning solutions create a network of peers who are invested in each other’s success. Knowing that their coworkers are relying on and supporting them, employees in a cohort program may be more motivated to complete their courses and degree program. Employees can then transfer their individual and group learning directly to real-world challenges within your organization.

Drive your competitive strategy from within.

Take the next step.
Give your employees access to a University dedicated to helping companies like yours develop the workforce of tomorrow. Call 800.433.3180 and see how an education partnership can be tailored to your unique organizational needs.

The use of the phrase education partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

Develop a stronger workforce. Our educational solutions can help you stay competitive in a global economy.

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CLO recognition

University of Phoenix received prestigious Chief Learning Officer awards for academic excellence and community leadership through our partnership with Emergency Medical Services Corp. and work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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