Workforce Solutions for Employees

Bring more than just industry knowledge to the workplace. Bring fresh ideas. Talk to your employer’s HR specialist about participating in our Workforce Solutions educational partnership program which enables employees like you to go back to school with assistance from your employer.

Participating employers may offer you certain educational benefits including a special tuition rate, a tuition reimbursement plan or the opportunity to convert your company's professional development training into college credit.

Reflect Who You Are and Who You Strive to Be

Learning doesn’t have to stop just because you have a full-time job. Whether you have decades of experience in your field or just a few years under your belt, earning an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field shows your employer you have drive and ambition.

Having industry knowledge isn’t enough to stand out. Given time, anyone can understand a company inside and out.

But by combining your company knowledge with the specialized academic knowledge you get at a university, you can help your company see you’re more than just an employee—you’re an asset.

Take the initiative. Check with your HR department to find out if your employer has an education agreement with us.

Get an Education That Fits You

It used to be that having a full-time job would have automatically excluded you from going back to school. But today, you have the option of not only earning your degree but of pursuing it around the schedule that fits your personal needs.

Through our Workforce Solutions program, you can enroll in classes online or on campus , depending on your individual needs and the availability of University of Phoenix programs in your area.

Our Advantages

You get the flexibility you expect of a 21st-century university while earning a degree that has a practical application. Your instructors both work and hold advanced degrees in the fields in which they teach, and our programs are regularly updated to reflect a changing world.

If your employer hasn’t yet partnered with us, but they’re interested in learning more about our education partnerships, they can call our Workforce Solution team at 800.433.3180 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. MST).

To learn about other education options available to you, including our degree programs, professional development courses or certificate programs, talk to an Enrollment Representative.

The use of the phrase education partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

Develop a stronger workforce. Our educational solutions can help you stay competitive in a global economy.

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