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Doing more with less is an operational requirement and reality for you. Federal agencies have been asked to increase their service while decreasing operating costs, making it progressively difficult to attract and retain skilled employees.

And there are even more complications — in 2010, the average age of government employees was 47. Based on the retirement guidelines by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), many of your employees could be eligible for retirement in the coming years.

Adopting a strategy of continuous education can help you attract and retain valuable employees while you build a leaner, more efficient workforce:

  • Prepare employees for advancements in classifications.
  • Recruit qualified candidates with educational incentives.
  • Help employees improve critical thinking and collaborative skills, which may improve efficiencies.
  • Add educational benefits to help employees confidently stay in public service.
  • Increase retention to keep knowledge and experience in your agency.

Your employees can choose the flexibility of attending class online, anytime and anywhere there’s an Internet connection, or at locations nationwide.

Speak with a Workforce Solutions Advisor to find out how your staff and agency will benefit from an educational collaboration with University of Phoenix.

Benefits of an educational collaboration

  • Tuition reduction – In the spirit of doing more with less, University of Phoenix offers your employees a 10-percent reduction in tuition costs.

  • Direct Bill – We can streamline and customize your employee tuition assistance process.

  • Dedicated support – Students are assigned a Graduation Team to advise them throughout their college experiences; our Workforce Solutions team helps you manage and analyze the results of our educational collaboration.

  • Tailored communications – We’ll help you promote the benefits of education to your employees with emails, fliers and your own company’s education landing page.
  • Phoenix Career Services – Help alleviate challenges by posting open positions to thousands of students and graduates in our Phoenix Career Services employer portal.

  • Comprehensive reporting – To manage tuition assistance investment, we can provide you with FERPA-compliant reports on your employees’ academic progress.

  • Agency articulation – Your employees’ past learning may apply toward college credit, which could reduce your investment in their degree programs.

  • Professional development – Individual workshops, seminars and courses can help employees develop needed skills without the commitment of a degree program.

Degrees that help develop agency competencies

We offer degree programs that can help your staff increase their skills in the professional, administrative or technical categories, including public sector service and management, like the Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Public Sector* and the Master of Business Administration.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Think critically, as it applies to roles within their agencies
  • Make better analytical decisions in government
  • Address challenges within the public sector

Criminal justice, security and cybercrimes degree programs

The incidence and severity of cybercrimes is growing, increasing the threat to our nation’s security. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree with a concentration in Cybercrime* can prepare members of your workforce to recognize and act upon possible security breaches and Internet crimes.

Your employees in law enforcement and security can take advantage of degree programs that will help them develop specialized knowledge for their fields. We’ll help your IT professionals sharpen or gain new skills with degree programs and individual courses that apply specifically to their field.

Nursing degree program

Veterans hospitals want their registered nurses to gain greater expertise so they can be confident in their ability to provide comprehensive patient care. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing programs at University of Phoenix are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) (

Speak with a Workforce Solutions Advisor to help you develop your next leaders.

*In Maryland, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice has an emphasis in Cybercrime, and the Bachelor of Science in Business has an emphasis in Public Sector.

Agency education solutions

An education collaboration with University of Phoenix can help your agency meet its learning objectives.

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