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At University of Phoenix we understand the challenges facing the hospitality industry. What draws guests, especially repeat guests is how well they are served. You require a well-trained team armed with the skills to provide the highest level of service, create unforgettable events and efficiently manage the processes and business that take place behind-the-scenes.

Creating pathways for growth and advancement

University of Phoenix 24/7 learning experience addresses the needs of working learners – including employees in 24/7 industries, like hospitality. Our online learning platform makes it possible for your day- and night-shift work force to get the same quality education, aligned to meet hospitality industry needs:

  • Partnerships that provide hospitality-specific solutions
    University of Phoenix has partnered with the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s education division to help us develop programs that target key issues facing the hospitality industry today.
  • Relevant degree programs
    In addition to our BSB degree program, we offer a range of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs relevant to careers within the hospitality industry, including concentrations in human resource management, marketing, accounting, and information technology.
  • Apply prior learning to skills needed today
    Through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process, your employees may be able to earn college credits for competencies acquired from on-the-job training, corporate education, and prior academic experiences. If granted, PLA not only emphasizes how past education is relevant today, but the added credits may shorten the time to degree completion.
  • Continuing education and professional development
    Through our School of Continuing Education, University of Phoenix offers hotel and lodging employees professional development opportunities through single-courses, certificates, and non-degree programs.  Employees interested in enhancing their knowledge can take the relevant for-credit and non-credit courses they need.  
  • Learning teams
    Hospitality is a guest-centric industry, which is why strong communication abilities and teamwork skills are so important. Our Learning Team approach to education cultivates improved communication, teamwork skills, leadership abilities and a sense of accountability to a team.

Join us in building a better hospitality workforce

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization build a knowledge-driven, service-oriented, high-performing workforce prepared for today’s hospitality environment.

Learn more about our degree programs, our for-credit and non-credit individual courses and the certificates we offer in:

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In Maryland, the Bachelor of Science in Business has an emphasis in the Service Sector.

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Learn why education partnerships matter

MGM Resorts International executives explain how University of Phoenix helps them develop a better workforce.

Speaker 1 (Dean Bill Berry) – It’s nice for us to be getting into more discussions with the hospitality industry about how we can look at helping them educate their workforce to meet the demands of tomorrow.  To look at not just what they need to do today, but where they need to be tomorrow.  A lot of employees, from what we’ve already found out, come into this at a level where they need an education, but at the initial entry point, that may not be a requirement.  But we’re seeing a change in network force, we’re seeing a change in that demographic and the need for a higher level of thinking.

Speaker 2 (Scott Sibella, President, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino) – We have a great educational partnership with the University of Phoenix, where it enables our employees to further their education through and it’s very flexible at University of Phoenix because of the hours of our industry.  This is a 24-hour industry and it’s difficult for employees who work these different shifts to try and to go back and further their education.

Speaker 3 (Dean Bill Berry) – It really gives them an incentive to work with us as an academic partner, to help build a program that meets both their needs, as well as developing their employees. 

Speaker 4 (Michelle DiTondo, VP, HR, MGM Resorts) – The educational partnership we have with the University of Phoenix is absolutely strategically aligned with our people philosophy on investing in employees, but also our philosophy to expand and to grow the company. 

Speaker 5 (Scott Sibella, President, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino) – The importance of an educated workforce in our industry is very important today because it’s so competitive.  And we’re all doing the same thing, we’re trying to create guest experiences, so the better educated our workforce is, the better advantage we have with our competitors.  So it’s very, it’s critical in our industry today. 

Speaker 6 (Dean Bill Berry) – It would benefit hospitality industry to work with the school of business to develop where they need their workforce to be ten years from now.  It’s not something that happens overnight, so we need to look at, not only, the challenges of today, but the challenges that are coming in the next ten years.

Continuing education

Expand your professional skills or build new ones through online continuing education and professional development courses.

CLO recognition

University of Phoenix received prestigious Chief Learning Officer awards for academic excellence and community leadership through our partnership with Emergency Medical Services Corp. and work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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