Workforce Solutions for the Nursing/Health Care Industry

When you’re in the business of saving lives, you can’t afford gaps in knowledge

Knowledge is vital in the health care industry. Ensure your employees are gaining the skills they need to improve patient outcomes and forecast industry trends that could impact your bottom line. Providing access to an education that aligns with the demands you’re facing in the health care industry will prepare employees with industry-based competencies they’ll need to make sound life-altering and business-minded decisions.

Develop a competitive workforce with a practical health care curriculum.


Our nursing degree programs can help your nurses grow personally and professionally. Whether you're looking to empower them to advance from a BSN or to develop their leadership skills through our Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), your nurses will learn critical thinking, leadership and evidence-based practice that can significantly improve patient outcomes. They'll learn from nearly 800 School of Nursing faculty members who are licensed nurses and seasoned health care professionals in the field.

Health Administration

Our Health Administration programs can help your organization develop dynamic leaders. Our Bachelor’s in Health Administration (BSHA) and our Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree programs can assist you in preparing the employees you trust to handle sensitive matters like maintaining and securing patient records, and meeting regulatory requirements. Your employees will learn more than just theories from our expert faculty who bring an average of 17.5 years of health care experience to the classroom.

Discover education solutions that can transform the way you operate.

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We also have individual for-credit coursescertificate programs and non-credit professional development courses for those professionals who would like to enhance their knowledge in a specific area. Our educational offerings also align with:

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Continuing education

Expand your professional skills or build new ones through online continuing education and professional development courses.