Workforce Solutions for the Nursing/Health Care Industry

[00:00:00] The healthcare industry is growing not only in the field of nursing, but it’s growing in all dimensions.  And so therefore, we are now providing students with the opportunity to learn about the breadth and depth of that industry.  Health Administration covers the hospital, the patient care delivery side, but it also has all these other aspects.  It covers IT.  It covers manufacturing, public health, community and aging services, emergency services.  Healthcare is that touch point across so many industries that normally we don’t even think about. [00:00:36]

 [00:00:37] I think the University of Phoenix is able to meet the needs of employers in a very different way through workforce solutions.  Faculty bring that current relevance to the classroom, and they bring that on a daily basis.  Because our faculty are employed in the industry, and are currently in that area, they really do bring a relevance to the classroom and to the curriculum. [00:01:01]

 [00:01:01] Companies are being much more judicious about how they’re looking at benefits, tuition application, and they want to see something in return for that dollar.  If they’re going to send somebody back to school or to look for new employees that they’re going to hire into their workplace, they need to make sure that the person has the relevant content, the background, the knowledge, the skills to be a successful employee for them. [00:01:31]

 [00:01:31] Learning to work as a member of a group or a team is a vital component.  A lot of times, in the industry, you have to work as a group to get something accomplished.  At the University of Phoenix, by having the learning teams it really engages students to develop and hone those skills. [00:01:50]

 [00:01:50] It’s important for employers to understand that we have the ability to provide a diversity of degree areas.  We’ve also expanded health administration into concentrations allowing for us to more meet the needs of employers. [00:02:03]

 [00:02:04] We have established a partnership with HIMSS, Health Information Management Systems, but also CEOs and more executive leadership within the industry.  We have the ability to now say, okay what are the needs that you are seeing, either in the future or currently?  In being able to do that, we can then really enhance the curriculum and provide much more relevance for them. [00:02:29]

When you’re in the business of saving lives, you can’t afford gaps in knowledge

Knowledge is vital in the health care industry. Ensure your employees are gaining the skills they need to improve patient outcomes and forecast industry trends that could impact your bottom line. Providing access to an education that aligns with the demands you’re facing in the health care industry will prepare employees with industry-based competencies they’ll need to make sound life-altering and business-minded decisions.

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Our nursing degree programs can help your nurses grow personally and professionally. Whether you're looking to empower them to advance from a BSN or to develop their leadership skills through our Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), your nurses will learn critical thinking, leadership and evidence-based practice that can significantly improve patient outcomes. They'll learn from nearly 800 Division of Nursing faculty members who are licensed nurses and seasoned health care professionals in the field.

Health Administration

Health Administration

Our Health Administration programs can help your organization develop dynamic leaders. Our Bachelor’s in Health Administration (BSHA) and our Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree programs can assist you in preparing the employees you trust to handle sensitive matters like maintaining and securing patient records, and meeting regulatory requirements. Your employees will learn more than just theories from our expert faculty who bring an average of 17.5 years of health care experience to the classroom.

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