Workforce Solutions for the security industry

Developing the next generation of security leaders

The security industry constantly evolves.

Organizations like yours that protect life, property, data and identity today must also prepare to take on higher levels of threats tomorrow. This takes planning. However, an improving economy  and competing firms can put your plans at risk because your staff may be tempted to leave — taking with them their knowledge and experience.

An education partnership with University of Phoenix can help you retain valuable employees and their institutional knowledge. By educating your company’s next generation of security leaders, you prepare them to overcome future security challenges and take on greater responsibilities within the organization. This allows you to continue protecting your clients today and into the future.

The Workforce Solutions team provides educational solutions that prepare your employees to identify and prevent future threats. Your employees learn to navigate security challenges day in and day out from faculty who are experienced in their field. Ask a Workforce Solutions Advisor how you can secure a better future for your employees and clients today.

Help your security professionals excel

Whether you’re looking to develop employees who are working toward bachelor’s- or master’s-level degrees, University of Phoenix offers degree programs and courses designed specifically for the security field.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management will learn:

  • Risk assessments, critical incident management and response plans as part of an organizational security plan
  • Management and leadership practices for organizational processes and changes in security firms
  • How global issues significantly influence security strategies
  • The framework for integrating and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders, including ethical and legal matters

Check out other programs that help groom security professionals to lead the industry:  

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Speak with a Workforce Solutions Advisor about how University of Phoenix can help you attract, retain and develop the right employees for your security firm or security department.

Learn more about our degree programs, our for-credit and non-credit individual courses and the certificates we offer in:

*In Maryland, the degree is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis in Information Systems Security.

The use of the phrase Education Partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

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While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats.  Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.

Develop a stronger workforce. Our educational solutions can help you stay competitive in a global economy.

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Aligned with industry standards

Our Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management curriculum meets the Chief Security Officer standards of ASIS International.


Empower employees with a security education

[00:03] Society has changed dramatically since 911.  We have become a society that is more security conscious.  Private security is a booming industry; safety and security in companies, in private organizations, and there needs to be qualified individuals to deal with these types of issues. [00:26]

[00:28] Anything you can think of will have a security component.  I think you go into any store, you see a security component.  You go into your kid’s school, you see a security component.  Purchasing your food there is security components, so there’s a lot of security in everything that we do. [00:38]

[00:39] In the real world, things work differently, and we bring those real-world experiences to the University of Phoenix classroom, to our Criminal Justice and Security program. [00:51]

[00:51] We use practitioner faculty; those people currently working in the field, so they’re doing the job everyday.  We have chiefs of police that teach for us, so you have a chief of police teaching a management course.  Obviously, that individual has a lot of management responsibilities.  Why not learn from someone that does that everyday and experiences some of the challenges that you might experience stepping into that sort of a role? [01:11]

[01:11] What we teach is the management skills; the supervisory skills, the critical thinking skills, the skills that make that individual supervisory material. [01:25]

[01:25] Many agencies are requiring academic credentials.  We offer that ability in terms of having programs that are very specific and very tailor made, if you will, for the industry. [01:35]

[01:36] It benefits the company by giving them some input.  It also then, in the long run, benefits the company’s employees who become students in the program and then become graduates of our program so that they can better serve that particular organization. [01:56]

[01:56] We try to make sure that the content is always relevant, that it’s applicable so that when you graduate or when you complete a course, you have learned something that is applicable for your job two years ago, but something that they can immediately apply the next day at their professional positions within their jobs. [02:10]

[02:11] If we have a partnership, it’s a true partnership.  We become actively involved with that organization whether it be a police department, a corrections agency, a security agency.  We are completely involved with it to bring them the training, the education that their employees will need to do a successful job. [02:39]

[02:40] Technology skills are important nowadays.  There’s so much that’s electronically based.  Our program covers a lot of those areas in terms of courses specifically geared towards that as well as those competencies woven throughout all of the courses in the entire degree program. [02:53]

[02:54] When an individual graduates from the University of Phoenix College of Security and Criminal Justice with a degree, that person has had a well-rounded education.  It will focus on being proactive.  It will focus on being a critical thinker.  It will focus on being someone who can solve problems, and that’s how a company is going to benefit. [03:22]

[End of Audio]