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Empower your team to take on your agency’s challenges

Ongoing fiscal uncertainty compels leaders at every level of state and local government to develop new approaches for providing services and maintaining public safety. Building a leadership team that can address continuous change while optimizing limited resources is essential today, and into the future. This requires a commitment to provide ongoing education to your staff, whether firefighters, EMTs or administrators.

More than 2,000 organizations, including government agencies and school districts, have selected University of Phoenix to partner with them to provide education to their workforces that could fuel a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.

Our programs are shaped to address the challenges that state and local governments face, so you can plan for future success by developing leadership within your agency. Our Workforce Solutions Advisors help meet your educational needs so your team and the public, which depends on your services, thrive.

Take your first step toward creating an educational solution to meet your agency’s challenges, today.

Benefits of an education partnership with University of Phoenix

  • Professional development – Individual workshops, seminars and courses can help employees develop needed skills without the commitment of a degree program.
  • Phoenix Career Services – Help alleviate hiring and recruiting challenges by posting open positions to more than 1 million University of Phoenix students and graduates.
  • Credits for prior learning – Your employees’ past learning may apply toward college credit, which could reduce your investment in their education.
  • Tuition reduction – In the spirit of doing more with less, University of Phoenix offers your employees a reduction in tuition costs.
  • Direct bill – We can streamline and customize your employee tuition assistance process.
  • Student support – Students are assigned a Graduation Team to advise them throughout their college experiences.
  • Dedicated support – Our Workforce Solutions team helps you manage and analyze the results of our education partnership.
  • Tailored communications – We’ll help you promote the benefits of education to your staff with email, fliers and your own landing page.
  • Comprehensive reporting – To manage tuition assistance investment, we can provide you with FERPA-compliant reports on your employees’ academic progress.

Develop diverse team skills to help take your agency to its highest level

University of Phoenix understands the importance of a workforce that can be ready for the unpredictable — whether you or your team must respond to a public emergency, new requirement or budget cuts. We gather information from our partners to shape our education to confront issues facing local and state governments.

To this end, our business degree programs, technology coursework, and criminal justice and security strategies answer today’s challenges, allowing your workforce to put the theories learned in class to work for you right away. In addition, our advisors can help address specific topics within your sector by adjusting classroom assignments so your workforce gains the knowledge needed today.

Government employees can benefit from these programs:

Talk with an Enrollment Representative to pave the way for continuous improvement in your agency.

*In Maryland, the Bachelor of Science in Business has an emphasis in Public Sector, and the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration has an emphasis in Emergency Management.

While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.

Education partnerships

An education partnership with University of Phoenix can help your agency meet its learning and innovation objectives.

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