Workforce Solutions for the Technology Industry

Need innovators? Promote education.

Innovation is expected in the technology industry. No one understands that better than leaders like you. You’re responsible for keeping projects moving, securing data and systems while keeping your team trending ahead of industry breakthroughs.

You may be facing a dual dilemma: determining how to ensure your team learns new skill sets to keep your organization competitive while preserving the institutional knowledge you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

An education partnership with University of Phoenix can help. We provide relevant degree programs and continuing education designed to help professionals build on their technical expertise — or learn about another organizational skill, like business administration.

We can align courses to address your needs. Your Workforce Solutions Advisor works with a team that can customize assignments and request specific credit and noncredit coursework. An education aligned with your business goals will help your workforce more adeptly apply solutions in the workplace or get on a promotion track, which is key to employee retention, according to human resource professionals.

Benefits of a technology education

  • Cohorts program – Strengthen teamwork and work-related skills by educating your teams together in our Cohorts program.

  • Direct bill – We can streamline and customize your employee tuition assistance process.

  • Dedicated support – Our Workforce Solutions team helps you manage and analyze the results of our education partnership.

  • Tailored communications – We’ll help you promote the benefits of education to your employees with emails, fliers and your own company’s education landing page.

  • Phoenix Career Services – Help alleviate hiring and recruiting challenges by posting open positions to thousands of students and graduates in our employer portal.
  • Comprehensive reporting – To manage tuition assistance investment, we can provide you with FERPA-compliant reports on your employees’ academic progress.

  • Corporate articulation – Your employees’ past corporate learning may apply to college credit, which could reduce your investment in their degree programs.

  • Professional development – Individual workshops, seminars and courses can help employees develop needed skills without the commitment of a degree program.

  • Student support – Students are assigned a Graduation Team to advise them throughout their college experiences.

Opportunities to improve technical and blended skills

Whether you’re interested in developing your new hires, middle managers or directors, you can choose from information systems and technology programs and certifications, or courses and degrees to create a blended skill set.

For instance, our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) offers eight concentrations* that focus on IT, including Software Engineering, Web Development and Advanced Networking.

Among the skills your employees will develop are:

  • A working knowledge of information systems security
  • A thorough understanding of network technology and how to apply that knowledge in a work environment
  • The ability to apply principles of systems analysis and design to fundamental business systems
  • Applied knowledge of project planning and how to generate and implement a plan

Your employees can also gain blended skills that support your company or department through other degree programs, such as business management, accounting and project management.

Your Workforce Solutions Advisor can help you educate your employees while keeping innovation alive in your organization. Ask how, today.

*In Maryland, the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology has an emphasis in Software Engineering, Web Development, Advanced Networking and other areas.

For more information about each of these programs, including on-time completion rates, the median debt incurred by students who completed the program and other important information, please visit our gainful employment page.

The use of the phrase education partner or educational partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

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