Helping others rise

Together, we aim to lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment to service.

Communities strengthen

Volunteering is a vital part of our culture. Our students, staff and faculty have helped us establish a reputation as a service-minded university. Launched in 2007, the University of Phoenix Community Engagement Program aims to enhance the personal growth and development of our students, alumni, faculty and staff by providing meaningful community service opportunities.

Complement your classroom learning experience and cultivate relationships within your community to last a lifetime—get involved.

All hands on deck

Our employees are encouraged to spend two paid days off each year volunteering for a cause of their choice. We value integrity, social responsibility and we hope to all play a major role in improving the communities in which we live.

By getting involved in their local communities, our University family members get a sense of fulfillment and remain engaged.


Volunteerism encourages teamwork and promotes leadership and skill building that enhances career, education and life development.


Our company-wide efforts focus on our core values: sustainability, education-related philanthropy and volunteering.


Volunteerism provides skilled and talented volunteers that offer direct cost savings to nonprofit organizations and help bring community needs into focus.


For questions about University of Phoenix volunteer opportunities, please email