Additional information for Maryland students

1. The University’s Cost of Attendance (p. 24) and cancellation and refund policy (p. 37, 39 & 40) are provided in the Consumer Information Guide located at

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2. Program length and number of credit hours is provided by program in your catalog, enrollment agreement, and/or

3. The University’s Retention rate (p. 20-22) and Completion (graduation) rate (p. 23-24) is available by degree level in the Academic Annual Report at

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4. Median debt after graduation and median annual earnings are published in the College Scorecard for each field of study.  This information can be found at

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5. State licensure disclosures for programs leading to professional licensure are provided at the following sites:

6. The Higher Learning Commission, University of Phoenix’s accreditor, does not require the University to calculate a placement rate for the program or the institution.

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