Previous College Education

Take your previous college experience and transfer your eligible credits into a University of Phoenix bachelor’s degree program.

We have hundreds of agreements with two-year institutions that enable you to take the eligible credits you’ve earned and transition from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree program here. This transfer process allows you to potentially satisfy degree requirements and graduate in less time.

Transfer College Credits

Program Transfer Guides and Approved 2+2 Agreements. Through 2+2 agreements we’ve established with partnering colleges, you can transfer previous credits you earned with your associate’s degree at another institution and apply it toward your lower division coursework requirements at University of Phoenix. With a 2+2 agreement this means you will only have to take your core classes to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Find a list of colleges that have 2+2 agreements with us.

Transfer Policy

We’ll grant elective or general education credit for college-level coursework taken at an approved, institutionally accredited college or university in which you earned a C- grade or better. Credit is not granted for remedial or developmental classes.

Even though we will accept some of your previous college credits, you may still need additional credits in order to fulfill all degree and content requirements for your degree program. All quarter or calendar credits you earned at a previous institution will be reviewed and converted to semester credits.

For Students With Foreign Credentials

We provide in-house evaluation services for academic credentials from a number of colleges and universities outside of the United States. If we’re unable to review your foreign credentials, we’ll provide you with a list of professional evaluation agencies that we work with.

If your academic credentials are in another language, you’ll also need to get a certified English translation. Translations provided by the foreign institution you attended or from an official translation service are accepted. If your academic credential is issued in French or Spanish, the translation can be done in-house by a translator at University of Phoenix.

Our internal evaluation services follow the standards utilized by the National Association of Foreign Student Administrators (NAFSA) and/or those utilized by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

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