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Heartland Educational Consortium and University of Phoenix

Invest in yourself your influence extends beyond the classroom

Nothing is more important to you than your students' achievement. But between planning lessons, grading papers and being involved in extracurricular activities at your school, you may find it difficult to stay on top of the latest trends in teaching or to pursue a leadership role. That's why Heartland Educational Consortium has teamed up with University of Phoenix, to offer access to degree, professional development programs and test-preparation.

Establishing leaders from within

You know your students better than anyone else does. Our school, the students we serve and the district benefit when we provide you with educational opportunities that enhance your classroom instruction and give you the tools you need to pursue a leadership role. And when students are well-educated, our nation is more globally competitive.

Navigate education's changing landscape

The American classroom is evolving. As states move toward adopting Common Core standards, and technology plays a larger part in student learning, it will become increasingly important for our teachers to learn how to implement these standards and integrate technology into their lesson plans. From curriculum and instruction to teacher leadership, University of Phoenix offers programs that address these needs — and enable you to stay competitive in your career.

Coursework that prepares you to lead

University of Phoenix curricula provide you with real-world, field-based experience to equip you with the skills you'll need in your classroom or in a future role in administration. The stronger you are in the classroom, the stronger Heartland Educational Consortium is as a place of learning.

Save on tuition

Take advantage of 10% off the cost of tuition when you enroll in any degree program, certificate or individual course at University of Phoenix.

College of Education

For nearly two decades, we've been supporting teachers at every stage of their careers.

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College of Education

Strengthen your school with courses that develop your skills in administration, human resources, database administration and web programming. View degree programs from the School of Business or the College of Information Systems and Technology.

Whether you're assisting in the classroom or front office, our degree programs will prepare you to teach.

Design curriculum, learn how to incorporate technology into your lessons, or prepare for a role as principal or vice principal.

Take individual courses on topics like online instruction, curriculum development and bilingual education or earn your certificate in school administration.

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