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Kimberly Petrosino, MBA '10

Kimberly Petrosino, MBA '10

Meet Kimberly Petrosino,

MBA '10

Alumna Kimberly Petrosino always dreamed of writing a book. Unfortunately, it was her father’s passing that gave her the impetus to not only publish her first book, but also focus on a new mission that would change her life.

“I unexpectedly lost my father to a heart attack in 2013 and since then I have made it my mission to educate myself and share my knowledge with others,” said Petrosino, a University of Phoenix graduate, Holistic Health Coach and author of The Small Change Solution: A 52 Step Guide to Getting the Naturally Healthy Lifestyle You Want.

The book was published in October 2014 and since then Petrosino has been on a virtual book tour, radio, featured on wellness websites, and several live events—all this to spread the message that healthy living is not about harsh, restrictive diets. “My book emphasizes the importance of balance, meaning that health extends beyond the food on your plate and the number of hours you log at the gym,” says Petrosino. The book is broken down into small, easy-to-digest chapters that allow readers to take in the information at their own pace.

"Now I have this education to help me build my own business and I’m so grateful.” – Kimberly Petrosino, MBA '10

A degree adds value and more

Like most, Petrosino pursued a degree to support her existing career and to increase her marketability by adding an advanced degree to her resume. She got added value from her MBA that at the time she didn’t realize, “Now I have this education to help me build my own business and I’m so grateful,” she says.

The book is available online and through national booksellers. You can learn more about Petrosino and her business by visiting her website, Happy Healthy Hearts.

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