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Lori Andrews, MBA/HRM '13

Lori Andrews, MBA/HRM '13

Meet Lori Andrews,


Widowed in 1992 and raising a young child, Lori Andrews postponed continuing her education to complete her Master of Business Administration. She worked in the nonprofit field for more than a decade before becoming a manager in human resources at the Los Angeles Times in 2000. In 2008, Andrews became a human resources business partner for an aerospace defense company.

With a new goal to move into higher leadership positions within human resources, she felt that the clearest path was to earn her MBA. Andrews also had a secondary reason for wanting to complete her MBA: she planned to teach human resources at the college level some day. 

“I attended University of Phoenix’ ground campus one evening a week, which allowed me to continue working during the day without interruptions.” – Lori Andrews, MBA/HRM '13

Making the time

In 2012, after 12 years of working as a human resources manager, Andrews took the next step toward her career progression and enrolled in the MBA/HRM program at University of Phoenix. One of her initial reservations was whether she would have enough time to devote to an MBA program while working full time.

“I attended a University of Phoenix ground campus one evening a week, which allowed me to continue working during the day without interruptions," she explains. " I also took several of my classes at the end of my degree program through the online format which was very convenient.”

Climbing higher

Andrews was impressed at how quickly she was able to complete her degree program. “In just a year and a half, I had finished my degree program and was able to move into the role of Business Partner Lead. I definitely feel that earning my degree contributed to landing this leadership position because I had gained a better understanding of leadership strategy and planning.”

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