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Rhonda Raheem, MAED/TED-E '10

Rhonda Raheem, MAED/TED-E '10

Meet Rhonda Raheem,


Online or traditional? That was the question for Rhonda Raheem.

When she started thinking about advancing her education, Raheem was working as a substitute teacher. She already had a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but she wanted something to give her an edge—and more opportunity—in the competitive field of education.

Balancing work and school

In researching her degree options, Raheem came across some negative comments about online schools and curriculum. She was concerned that her credentials would not be given the same weight as those from traditional schools. But because she had a job to balance and because she needed a program that would work well with her schedule, she chose to be optimistic about online education providers.  Raheem opted to pursue her Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education degree at University of Phoenix.

"The investment paid off very well." – Rhonda Raheem, MAED/TED-E '10

Building relationships

Since graduating, Raheem has been happy with her online choice. She was able to use her certification right away, and through her hard work, she became a full-time faculty member in her home state of Michigan. She also won the 2010 Goodfellow Teacher of the Year, awarded by the Detroit Goodfellows, a charitable organization for children. For her, “the investment paid off very well.”

Moving ahead

Her positive experience has encouraged Raheem to continue her studies and continue working on increasing her opportunities. She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program with University of Phoenix and working to complete her dissertation.

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