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Ronald Ealey, BSB/HRM '11

Ronald Ealey, BSB/HRM '11

Meet Ronald Ealey,


Working in the field of human resources, Ronald Ealey knew his experience was valuable and made him a strong employee, but he also understood that to apply for higher level or executive jobs, he needed specific credentials. He chose University of Phoenix based on its reputation--a reputation that continued to strengthen even as other online schools entered the market. His degree of choice: Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Human Resource Management.


“Instructors understand that the online student has different life situations and priorities.” – Ronald Ealey, BSB/HRM '11

The experience to understand

Ealey’s busy, full-time work schedule made going back to school a challenge. He was traveling a lot, often submitting assignments at deadline. The virtual eCampus classroom, accessible from anywhere with reliable Internet, combined with understanding instructors helped him immensley. “Instructors understand that the online student has different life situations and priorities,” says Ealey. Students need to be disciplined, but an understanding course instructor can support and motivate a student to work through busy times.

Prepared for life outside school

Ealey admits that it was hard not to procrastinate on assignments at times. However the learning teams that are a big part of University of Phoenix courses made him accountable to a group, something he found very much like the working world. Students and employees need to pull their weight and learn to coordinate with others. It was good preparation, and a good way to keep on track with assignments. 

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