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University of Phoenix Alumni Library

University of Phoenix is proud to extend benefits to its alumni, even after they have graduated. The new Alumni Library offers resources that provide alumni with content that may be relevant to their careers.  

Effective Jan. 30, 2018, University of Phoenix alumni will have access to the new Alumni Library, which will offer resources applicable to the career world, aiming to promote life-long learning and to help graduates stay relevant in their industries.

The Alumni Library will include resources such as:

ACM Digital Library
Dun and Bradstreet
IT Security Management Practices
Journal of the American Medical Association
Plunkett Research Online

The Alumni Library also supports a graduate’s journey to scholarship with Cabell's Directories. Cabells focuses on providing publishing opportunities to help researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals; offering publishing information, as well as links to guidelines and other submission information for its journals. 

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the Alumni Library, you may contact your local library. A comprehensive list of local and state libraries can be found at

You can log in as you would normally through the University Library on e-Campus. Once your login credentials are entered, the system will automatically direct you to the Alumni Library.

If you forgot your login name, password, or have other access questions contact technical assistance directly at:

International Support Number

Number for external international callers to contact for support.


MyApply - (602) 387-3100 
Students - (602) 387-2222

Student Technical Support

Provides assistance for the Online Learning System and the Student Website.

(877) 832-4867

TTY Phone Support

Technical Support line for use by the Hearing Impaired.


(877) 832-4867


For a full list of databases available in the University Alumni Library click here, then click on the Databases A-Z tab.