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Apply to become a UOPX mentee


Mentors can inspire, encourage and support you

A mentor is a guide—a resource who can help pave the way for you by sharing what he or she learned in their own career.  Alumni often sign up to be volunteer mentors because they enjoy helping others succeed. A volunteer alumni mentor can contribute to your professional development, while helping you build your network and stay motivated.

One-on-one mentorships

Mentors and mentees form a supportive relationship built on the shared experience of attending University of Phoenix. Your mentor may share personal stories, offer advice, or suggest helpful industry resources. It's a valuable relationship that can complement your classroom-learning program, making for a richer educational experience. Please note that alumni mentors do not help with homework, nor are they qualified to speak to you about your finances or to conduct a job search for you. They're here to help, and are happy to share information in the following areas:

  • My Mentor Story- Learn how I got to where I am today.
  • My Company Culture- Every company has a unique internal culture. Learn more about mine.
  • My Industry Resources- Learn my recommendations of books, websites and podcasts that can help ensure you're in-the-know for our industry.
  • My Interview Questions- You've landed an interview, but what questions will our industry ask you in the hot seat?

Expand your horizons

When you build your network and gain exposure to new people, you increase your professional opportunities. Tapping into the expertise of those who have been out in the workforce and are knowledgeable about industry trends and best practices can help you make wiser career decisions.

What does success look like?
Success is as unique as each mentee's mentorship goal—something the mentee and mentor work on together. Success often includes increased career insights, a broader professional network, renewed motivation and inspiration, and idea generation to help mentees remove career roadblocks.