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Apply to become an alumni mentor


Graduates, you have the power to inspire and motivate

Your knowledge, expertise and insights can help mentees get the most from their University of Phoenix experience. You can open students' eyes to the opportunities and challenges they may face after graduation—and you can inspire them to aim high. Mentoring is a wonderful way to make a real and lasting impact on a student's life. 

Be a volunteer mentor on your terms 

The Alumni Mentor Program facilitates mentorships via an online platform, matching profiles of mentors and mentees on relevance. Mentees are encouraged to be proactive in researching to find a mentor that best suits his or her needs, and the program offers filters to help with this. As a mentor, you can choose to mentor only those students you feel you can best support. Because you work directly with mentees to set expectations around how often you will communicate, you can build a relationship in the way that works best for your schedule. The new program includes mobile-friendly mentoring—respond to mentees from your phone!

What information do alumni mentors share?

As an alumni mentor, you are only expected to be an expert in one thing: your own career path and life story. You are not expected to offer career best practices or to do resume reviews, the University provides certified Career Coaches to help with those topics. As an alumni mentor, you are encouraged to share the following information with mentees:

  • My Mentor Story- Learn how I got to where I am today.
  • My Company Culture- Every company has a unique internal culture. Learn more about mine.
  • My Industry Resources- Learn my recommendations of books, websites and podcasts that can help ensure you're in-the-know for our industry.
  • My Interview Questions- You've landed an interview, but what questions will our industry ask you in the hot seat? 

Stay connected to the innovation that defines University of Phoenix 

As a graduate, you understand that innovation and cutting-edge thinking define the University of Phoenix experience. When you serve as a mentor, you’ll have regular, direct contact with a student who is immersed in that innovation every day. While students benefit from your experience and insights, they can also expose you to the new ideas that are shaping today's University of Phoenix.