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Who can join the Alumni Mentor Program? 

Active University of Phoenix students and all University of Phoenix alumni can join the program as a mentee. Only UOPX alumni can become a mentor within the program.

What should I have on-hand when I apply?

To join the program you will need your eCampus login credentials

Can I join the program immediately?

Students or alumni can sign up as a mentee at any time. Alumni must first activate their Alumni Give Back profile in PhoenixLink  to be a mentor. If you are a student or alumnus seeking immediate help with your career, we encourage you to contact the Career Coaching department at:

How do I find a match within the Alumni Mentor Program? 

To find an Alumni Mentor access PhoenixLink™, our new Career Services System, using your eCampus login credentials and complete your Personal and Academic profiles.

Afterwards 1) Click on the CONNECT tab on the LEFT Menu BAR then the CONNECT link.
2) Follow the directions near the top of the page to connect with a Mentor
3) You can try to connect with several Alumni Mentors. They will respond directly to your email when they are ready to Mentor you.

Please remember that our alumni mentors are volunteers, therefore there may be limited availability of mentors in certain schools and colleges. We cannot guarantee that you will be matched in a specific timeframe. Welcome to the Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) facilitated by the Alumni Association of University of Phoenix. We’re thrilled to have you join as a mentee.

How long is the average mentoring commitment?

This is completely at the discretion of the mentor and mentee. Many work together for a very short time, others remain in contact for years. Additionally, both mentors and mentees can cancel a mentorship at any time for any reason.

I have never been a mentor before. What's involved?

Reach out to the Alumni Mentor Support team and a mentor handbook will be provided to you.

The second step is to begin mentoring with a mentee. The mentor handbook will help you understand and prepare for your role. Mentorships require your time, patience, and enthusiasm.

I simply want someone to help me get a job.

Great! The University provides numerous resources to help you with this. But an alumni mentor's role is not to search for a job for you, nor can the Alumni Mentor Program promise that job placement will be the outcome you achieve from a mentorship. Mentorships are about motivation, knowledge sharing and networking. To drive your job search, please use the PhoenixLink Job Search tool offered by University of Phoenix. The Job Search tool holds more than one million open job positions. If you have a few job postings in mind that you would like to apply to, a mentor can certainly discuss them with you.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the Alumni Mentor Program, please email us at