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Chicago Chapter Spotlight

Chicago Alumni Chapter offers events, career resources

University of Phoenix alumni in the Chicago area have a great way to get connected: Join the Chicago Alumni Chapter.

The chapter, which has 300-plus members, offers alumni the chance to network with each other, access career development opportunities and gather to give back to the local community as a group.

In May, the chapter participated in a National Cancer Survivors Day community service event, one of several similar gatherings the group has held over the past year, with more planned for the future.

“This summer, we’re getting involved in a lot of community events,” notes Imani Akin, EDD ’07, the leader of the Chicago Alumni Chapter.

The Chicago chapter also is working on creating more career-focused meetings. “We are excited about collaborating with our local campus administration on upcoming value-added workshops,” adds Akin.

With its active social media presence, members can stay connected virtually, as well as in person. In addition to its Facebook and Twitter feeds, the chapter is launching an electronic newsletter soon, which will highlight local members and their achievements.

Akin says the chapter is actively seeking new members so it can expand its reach in the area. “The benefit is being able to access resources from current alumni and the networking,” she notes.  

Connect with the Chicago Alumni Chapter of the University of Phoenix Alumni Association. Sign up here or email to learn more. You can follow the Chicago Alumni Chapter on Facebook and Twitter, too.