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College of Education webinar

Use digital media to make learning click for students.

You and your students use technology and social media in your personal life every day. Are you incorporating them into your instruction? Use them to your advantage to help engage your students and make learning a more interactive experience.

The University of Phoenix® College of Education, in partnership with Scholastic, is presenting a webinar, Using Social Media and Other Digital Resources in the Classroom. The goal is to help educators like you discover ways to use different kinds of digital media to keep students engaged in the learning process and to help them build vital 21st-century skills.

The no-cost webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th, at 4 pm ET, features University of Phoenix instructor Megan Bird, media arts technology teacher Adam Hyman and instructional technology coach Dyane Smokorowski sharing recommendations to effectively use digital resources in instruction.

Register for the webinar by March 25th and you'll be able to receive a certificate for one hour of professional development credit.

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