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Michelle Hubbard


Cyberbullying: devastating for students of all ages

As an educator, how do you help your students recognize cyberbullying attacks? The University’s College of Education has teamed up with Common Sense Media, a recognized expert in digital citizenship, to bring you a teacher's guide to addressing cyberbullying.

Do you know how many students between 10-18 years of age admit they've been cyberbullied?

1 in 3.

What’s in each guide?

These guides contain educator strategies, lesson plans and tips for families to help identify cyberbullying. Each guide is tailored toward specific grade levels, and is aligned to common core standards. These materials are provided as a complimentary resource to be shared in your classroom, among colleagues and with families of your students.

Do you know how many of those students alerted their parents or teachers?

1 in 10.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of digital media tools, such as the Internet and cell phones, to deliberately humiliate and harass others, oftentimes repeatedly. Cyberbullies take advantage of the Web’s anonymity to antagonize someone without being recognized.