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Job searching just got a whole lot easier

Thanks to a fully revamped job search site, University of Phoenix alumni can now access a million-plus jobs across the country. Job titles, key words and company names can all be used as entry points to your search.

The site's recommendation engine provides you with job openings based on your geographic location and your academic programs—you'll see a relevant feed of job openings even before you begin a job search. 



Symbols to guide you

In the list of results you may see jobs accompanied by symbols. These symbols point to additional services and/or partnerships that may be of interest to you as a job seeker.

A green certificate symbol indicates the company offers tuition reimbursement through a tuition deferral plan or a direct bill plan. A red Phoenix symbol indicates the employer is a University of Phoenix partner with open job opportunities.

Filters to help narrow in

You are able to refine any job search by the following areas: academic program, distance, location, company, career area and experience level. These filters put you in control, and help you really narrow in on jobs that fit your needs and career experience.

How to access the new job feed

The new job feed is University of Phoenix exclusive, meaning you need to be a UOPX student or alumni to access it. Here’s how:


Type in

Log in with the same username and password you use to log into eCampus

From the homepage of, click on ‘Search Jobs’ in purple, lower left

Begin searching


From eCampus:

Type in

Log in with your user name and password

Click the ‘Careers’ tab in the black bar at the top

Click the ‘Job Search’ icon in purple

Begin searching