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Phoenix Career Guidance System™

Take charge of your career with the University’s Phoenix Career Guidance System™

The one resource you need for your career path.
Where are you in your career journey? Whether you’re in the mailroom, an executive office or somewhere in between, the University’s Phoenix Career Guidance System™ is an online resource that can help you reach your professional goals.

A personalized approach to career management
Last October, University of Phoenix launched an improved Phoenix Career Guidance System, adding robust online resources to further support alumni and students at every stage of their career journeys. This integrated system brings the University’s wide range of career tools and resources together in one hub, offering customized career management experience for those who use it.

“If you’re looking to get started in your career, take the next step in your current field or find a new profession to pursue, the Phoenix Career Guidance System offers you many valuable tools to help you be successful," – Josh Duffy, senior manager of the alumni website

Career support tailored for you
The Phoenix Career Guidance System tailors career support around each user’s individual education, goals and career situation. Upon first visit to, alumni will be asked to fill out a simple four-question form to gauge where they are in his or her careers and where they would like to go. After filling out the questionnaire, when the alumnus logs on to the system in the future, he or she will see a custom dashboard of career tools and resources refined to serve specific needs. “The more information you enter into the Phoenix Career Guidance System’s tools and features, the more intuitive it becomes,” explains Duffy. 

The low-down
The Phoenix Career Guidance System’s offerings include 10 career-focused milestones to help keep alumni and students on track with their goals. Substeps break these larger milestones into manageable pieces, and can be used sequentially or users can jump to areas they most want help with. “It’s designed so you can work at your own pace,” Duffy notes.

The milestones walk alumni and students through key areas of career management to ensure he or she thinks through every detail of the process and are well prepared to meet any career opportunities that may come their way. Milestones cover the following areas:

  • Career Exploration Research industries, fields, salary ranges and locations.
  • Skill Development Identify areas where you could boost your skills.
  • Resumé Writing Create an eye-catching overview of what you offer employers.
  • Professional Image Put your best face forward, virtually and in person.
  • Networking Cultivate a strong professional circle.
  • Cover Letter Get your resumé noticed in the stack.
  • Interviewing Sell yourself in person.
  • Job Search Strategy Stay organized and plan your search.
  • Search and Apply Find a position that’s a great match for your skills and dreams, including those posted by University partners, many of whom are specifically looking to hire University of Phoenix alumni.
  • Career Advancement Figure out how to get ahead.

In addition to working through these milestones, alumni and students can access supplemental tools at any time for help with career exploration, skill boosting, resumé building, interview preparation and job searches. Members of the military community will find additional tools designed for their unique needs on the University’s military hub at