Faculty Council

The primary responsibility of Faculty Council members in the School of Business is to participate in curricula development and assessment activities. This includes developing course descriptions, reviewing textbooks, creating exam questions, assessing student learning and developing degree program outcomes. Members also serve as lead faculty in online forums for their respective content areas and may assist in selecting other School of Business instructors to aid in School initiatives.

School of Business Faculty Council members:

  • Patricia (Pat) D’Urso, PhD (Florida)
    Operations management
  • William (Bill) Eshelman, JD, LLM (Virginia)
  • Laurie Gazzale, MBA (New Jersey)
  • Pamela Hill, PhD (Virginia)
    Project management
  • Raymond Ho, DBA (California)
    Financial reporting
  • Alemayehu (Alem) Lirenson, PhD (California)
    Quantitative analysis
  • Anthony Matias, DBA (Florida)
    Managerial accounting, business information systems
  • Kent Moser, MBA (California)
  • William (Glen) Riecken, PhD (South Carolina)
  • Dulcelina Stahl, PhD (Illinois)
  • Ethel Vesper, PhD (Washington)
    Organizational behavior
  • Donna Wyatt, PhD (Connecticut)
    Human capital management

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