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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a “Done” List to Help Document Your Wins

By University of Phoenix
April 29, 2020 • 2 minute read

At a Glance: Don’t hesitate to celebrate your wins. It’ll boost your confidence and serve as evidence that you deserve that promotion.

Busy people like us can be hard on ourselves. If we lose a sale, miss the mark on a class assignment or just misplace our car keys, we may beat ourselves up for days. Unfortunately, we often don’t dedicate equal emotional energy to our wins — whether it’s nailing a presentation or finally getting the kitchen faucet repaired. Sadly, when we don’t celebrate our ups as much as we bemoan our downs, we shortchange ourselves in more ways than one.

William Arruda, a Forbes contributor and author of “Ditch. Dare. Do!,” says that when we document our wins by keeping a daily list of our accomplishments, we reap a host of benefits. Skeptical? Take a quick look at the benefits of jotting down your daily achievements, and you might become a believer.

  • You’ll keep track of what makes you great. “It’s important to take a brief moment for self-congratulations,” Arruda says. Not only does it build your confidence, it helps you quantify your strengths. And no triumph is too small. Did you draw out a pleasant exchange from a notoriously crabby client? Jot it down!
  • You’ll build self-awareness about what energizes you, which can be helpful as you plot out your career objectives.
  • You’ll “shine during your weekly or monthly team meeting” because you’ll have a documented account of everything you’ve accomplished — which will likely include details and facts that will benefit the group.
  • You’ll have hard evidence for why you deserve a bonus or promotion. Armed with a year’s worth of daily accomplishments, you can sort and combine your feats into a compelling presentation that showcases “all the times you saved the company money, brought in business, made customers happy, and otherwise saved the day,” Arruda says.

Remember, tracking your daily wins isn’t a chore designed to boost your self-esteem (though that’s a happy side effect) — it’s a powerful tool that can help you fully realize your professional goals.