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Best stay-at-home activities and educational resources for kids

Being cooped up with fidgety kids doesn’t have to bring you down.

We’ve got some great ideas for making it ALL work…from home.

First things first: the plan

Although it may seem challenging and possibly a bit confusing, making a plan and setting up a routine now will make this time more productive and enjoyable for the entire family.

As Dr. Pam Roggemen, Dean of the College of Education, University of Phoenix, says in her post, Keeping Kids Busy,“… we can help our children remain on track academically and continue to be productive contributors while working at home with some planning and preparation.”

Ideas and resources

To help you plan and prepare, we’re curating a list of resources to help you create a new family routine that keeps everyone engaged while you’re at home together.

Please continue to check back and follow us on social media, as we’ll be adding to this list in the days and weeks to come.

Activity #1 Make an Origami butterfly

This three-minute paper project will help your kids focus on letting their creativity fly, not just their energy.

Activity #2 Storytime with Storyline Online

Storytime is perfect for some quiet time at home. Bring the library to your living room with the help of award-winning Storyline Online, and its collection of children’s books read by celebrated actors.

Activity #3 Biology 101

Gather all your questions about the science of life! ASU’s Ask a Biologist* has hours of answers and fun activities for the scientifically curious youngster (or adult).

Activity #4 Throw a Netflix party!

Movie night can still be shared with friends thanks to the Netflix Party Google extension. The Chrome extension allows users to share a film or show and add a group chat to the screen to share in the movie moments together.

Activity #5 A three-hour lesson plan for all ages

Scholastic’s Learn From Home program is a smart partner in keeping your kids learning while school is out. Find content to help your PreKinder to ninth grader. One week’s worth of content is available and ready for your kids to start.

Activity #6 Home school like a boss  

This list of education companies free subscriptions will help you succeed at home schooling. Use it and prosper. And a thank you to for providing us with this important information.

Activity #7 Create a schedule

Kids need a routine. Setting up a daily schedule is a nice way to keep the household on a positive (i.e. sane) trajectory. lets you create one based on the Covid-19 daily schedule and tailor it to fit your child’s interests and age.

Activity #8 Ask a friend

Our connections can be a fantastic resource for our kids. Whether it’s ancient Greek or playing the guitar, consider asking your talented friends for virtual lessons. This may be the start of something magical.

Activity #9  Explore nature 

The national parks may be closed, but you can still travel deep into the wilderness of America with a park ranger as your guide. Take a virtual tour of five U.S. National Parks and see why they’ve been called “America’s best idea.”

Activity #10 Learn to cook with Massimo

Kid’s will love learning to cook (and eat) with world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura. Find Massimo’s modern Italian Kitchen Quarantine lessons on his Instagram page.

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