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Employment Projections for 12 Growing Business and Finance Jobs

At a glance

  • Business and financial occupations encompass a wide array of roles, including those in accountancy, financial analysis and human resources.  
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for business and financial occupations to grow 8% between 2020 and 2030.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic impacted many business professions but the ability to work from home has allowed them to continue to grow in employment.
  • University of Phoenix offers degrees in business and finance, such as accounting, business administration and business management as well as certificate offerings that cover more specialized occupations.

For those interested in the business and financial world, the current moment presents just as many opportunities as challenges. Supply chain disruptions, the move to remote work and economic uncertainty have disrupted business processes globally. At the same time, those who can help organizations survive and thrive in this uncertainty can be very attractive to companies trying to weather the storm. Businesses rely on professionals in the roles featured in this list to perform the functions necessary for success in competitive industries.

From entry level jobs business majors might consider to the fastest growing business jobs out there, the business careers featured in this list represent a multitude of opportunities to enhance one’s career.