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Fulfill your civic duty

We know you’re busy balancing class, work and family, but you still want to let your voice be heard in your community. Voting for local, state and national leaders and completing the U.S. Census are two ways to make this happen.

Register to vote

Prepare for the 2020 elections by completing your voter registration as soon as possible. You can register to vote by following your state-specific instructions.

Check your state or local media for options regarding absentee or early ballots. You can get your voter registration forms from the front desk at your campus as well or from your county recorder, the post office or the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).

Exercise your right to choose your leaders for the upcoming terms.

Complete the census

It’s not too late to fill out the census! You have until September 30 to complete the form online, by phone or by filling out the form you received in the mail.

Encourage friends and family to complete the census as well. The information is used to distribute federal funds to pay for schools, roads, hospitals, public works and other programs and determine important political boundaries and representation.