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Real talk: UOPX students on making sacrifices to achieve goals

By University of Phoenix
April 29, 2020 • 3 minute read

We asked University of Phoenix students and alumni on Facebook to think about the biggest sacrifices they made when choosing to go back to school. Hundreds of people shared their stories, struggles and strategies for coping. Read some of the most inspiring messages below.

Linda Laribi
Time with my daughter, I am tired all the time. I have no support system and I am a single mom. So quitting my job is not an option, getting a part time job is not an option, quitting school is not an option and quitting being a mom will never be an option. I am dealing with it by trying to balance my time and set my priorities. Walking that stage next year is my goal! It keeps me going.

Michelle Gundersen
Sleep, mostly. I waited until my children were grown and out of the house. I have one special-needs and my husband traveled Monday – Thursday every week. I also worked full time and then some. The sacrifice was very much worth the reward of my MBA in Accounting with an accumulative GPA of 3.89.

Ayinde Woods
Staying up late, turning the tv off, going to the library EVERY day!! But after 3 Years, I’ll be walking that stage in October!! It was well worth it.

Malissa L Swanson
I would have to say sleep. I study when my child goes to bed at night. Also, I feel like my child doesn’t get the best of me because I am so tired and very often. I just try to keep pushing and remind myself that this part of life is not forever. I also remind myself of the life I will provide for my child as I gain a degree..

Laura Jane
My biggest sacrifice is time with my loved ones. I have put many things on hold including my own life plans to make myself better one class at a time. Often times I don’t take time out for myself because I feel guilty if I haven’t spent time with my family. They all understand and are very proud of me so that helps but I know they miss me too.

Vicky Lovesjj
I have sacrificed time with my family and sleep. I have missed out on family vacations with my little ones and spending more time with them. Because I am so determined to continue with my classes and not take any breaks. I already took my breaks that I needed when I had my babies so I do not want to take anymore breaks. I have also sacrificed my sleep because I wait until my 3 children go to sleep every night so I can do my homework and study time. I know this sacrifice will be worth it however I know it is only up to me to make that happen! I will be graduating next year with my bachelors in human services!! So I can’t wait to have my degree and take a nice vacation with my family!!

Kimberly Ulmer
My biggest sacrafice so I could go back to school is my Class Mom duties at my youngest School! Plus, it’s his last year (6th-grade) and my last year as Room/Class Mom. But I know that it takes sacrifice to achieve our goals. But, there are times that I finish Class work early and make time to help in class. It’s all about BALANCE… #WeRise #IAmAPhoenix

Donna Huntley Schelfhout
Income! We decided I should just crank it out full time!!! We cut so many corners, ate tons of Mac and cheese, and no extras til graduation! Long hard road but so worth it!! Do whatever it takes!!

Gary Clemons
I sacrificed time, I kept my eyes on the prize, I stayed focused on the result and I accomplished the task of earning my Bachelor of Science in Business from UOPX and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. A huge accomplishment.